Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I SUPPRESS THAT EMOTION (Public Displays of Emtion)

I Second that Emotion was a hit single first released in 1967 by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. The song has a nice sway and easy going feel to it as many other songs did that shared the same record label of Motown back in that time period. The song itself is very simple; a man trying to date a woman who is afraid of commitment and would rather string men along. Robinson the leader of the group refuses that kind of lifestyle but rather he promises her that if she is willing to settle down he will be around for her. The song was originally the idea from a phrase that was mispronounced. Thank goodness for the phrase being mispronounced as it led to a song that topped the charts. In modern day the phrase is still commonly mispronounced but we all know that the song still is a hit.
Public displays of emotion occur every day in life and everywhere a person may go. All and all for the most part even I would have to say that publically displaying emotions is natural, but it’s something I find uncomfortable. Whether it is a hearty laugh that has reached a higher level than it should have, someone crying hysterically, or someone just being overjoyed by the moment, I am uncomfortable. I usually try to keep a firm grasp on my emotions at all times in public and in private. I think that it is the proper thing to do. That does include hugs because for the most part a handshake can send the same message a hug can with less contact needed. This applies to me though.
For those who laugh in public how is it the laugh can become so good or so loud you forget where you are? I am one of those people who looks at a person for a second just wondering if they are for real. When you are loud in public all that does is get you attention that probably isn’t needed. Also I have yet to hear someone with a loud laugh in that actually sounded good. To me nothing can be that funny in public to lose control except for maybe a comedy club. In private is more acceptable to let loose; you are in private.
Then for those who cry, sometimes I am at a loss. I actually had a boss cry in front of me one day. I had to let her know that wasn’t my specialty and guide me if she wanted me to stay or if she wanted me to leave her alone. I eventually stayed. Women crying in public of course is more accepted than for a man to cry in public. Once again a fact of life I disagree with. I think men are human too and although I refrain from crying that ultra masculine idea that is out in the world only leads to destruction. Of course there are certain times when life just takes over; I just don’t know when those times are outside of perhaps a funeral or even wedding.
Being overjoyed is also another concept of people’s emotions I just don’t understand. How does someone’s excitement or joy reach the point that a person can’t control themselves? It’s one thing to be lost in the moment for a minute, but to stay in the moment is just rude to the people around the individual, and I can only imagine it gets exhausting after a while In my opinion rather than just spend the moment being overjoyed and celebrating in public why not wait until later when you can go wild with emotions and feelings in private?
I am the person of the group that is usually referred to as being cold and sometimes emotionally unavailable. Terms I don’t like but I have come to accept. I think it’s much more important to stay calm and in a level place than to lose control over emotions in public. I also tend to be the more logically friend rather than the more emotional friend. I think logic should trump emotions any day of the week. People make mistakes based on how they feel and would rather ignore what the logically know is right. What’s the trick to controlling ones’ emotions though, just keeping a level head at all times, if you feel your emotions are about to over powering you simply imagine an empty room and looking that emotion in the room until you have the time and privacy to deal with that emotion accordingly. Yes, emotions are good, but remaining in control is even better for everyone.

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